Thea Sheldon, CPCC
The Prime of Life Coach
for midlife women who want to gain unstoppable momentum on what really matters now...
and for the rest of your life!

What People Say About Thea
    Liz Engelman, Founder, Director at Tofte Lake Center
Working with Thea has changed my life both personally and professionally. I now consider my life and career as pre Thea and post Thea. Working with Thea taught me how to look at myself and others in new ways, from different lenses and perspectives. She offered me ways of thinking, being, seeing, and doing that will now underly everything I do; how I live, walk, and work in the world.

Do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of her gifts

    Lois Albrecht, Director of Gift Planning at Northland College

Working with Thea was life-changing. Her insightful observations helped me clarify what I wanted and gave me the courage to take a big step in a new direction.

   Deborah Bollom, Adult ADHD and Entrepreneur Coach
I have known Thea for 10 years. Thea is a woman with a passion for supporting and promoting women over 50. As a coach she will hold you gently and yet not let you play small.

Thea is an innovator and has become a great women's retreat organizer and facilitator. Thea is a model for me and my business, authentic and a straight shooter with very creative ideas.

   Irene Hartfield, Web Designer & Consultant

Thea is the best kind of coach in that she doesn't give you advice. She coaxes your own best ideas out of you and lets you see that you know best what steps to take. My business benefited greatly from my sessions with Thea. Highly recommend!

   Dawn Richerson, Book Coach. Writer-Editor. Content + Curriculum Development. AuthorSOS. Strategic Visioning.

I attended Thea's "Deep, Rich & Bold" Retreat at Tofte Lake Center. Without question, Thea and her team delivered one of the best week-long retreat experiences I have ever experienced, complete with group experiences, individual coaching and space for the soul to roam. I highly recommend Thea for her unique blend of coaching and deep wisdom.

     Sara B.Stern, Director of Schulze Entrepreneurship and Family Business Center Programs at University of St. Thomas

Thea is as unique, professional and authentic as they come. A strong coach, accomplished business woman and coach at the core. She specializes in women at the prime of their lives and also excels with all professionals.

    Catherine Holm, Author

Thea is an extraordinary life coach who excels in showing a person their strengths and helping a person go beyond what they thought possible. She is compassionate and can be tough when needed. Coaching with Thea is an adventure -- clients who are ready for exceptional life coaching should choose Thea Sheldon.

   Regina Reiter, Transformational Walking Entrepreneur
I hired Thea to help me hone my professional biography. What developed was a significant breakthrough in self-expression and transformed the shame, shyness, and unworthiness that had stifled my productivity in business creation. Thea created a respectful, safe space where I could share openly and look objectively at my marketable and authentic story. Thea truly co-created with me, meeting my unfocused creative flow with her own creativity, enhanced by her organizational and technological skills. She also helped me by holding the vision of what I could be, often even stronger than I could. At one critical juncture, she masterfully blocked my retreat from an opportunity that opened up my business to a new market that had been outside my comfort zone. I highly recommend Thea to heart-centered women hiding their potentially brilliant service in a closet of self-doubt and inexperience.
   Jeannie Campanelli, Ed.D., CPCC  Personal and Professional Development Life Coaching

Thea has a gift for courage. It shows up in her leadership style of groups, in her writing, in her zest for life, and in her coaching. She supports clients to really reach - inward and outward. The courage that she holds is contagious and stirs up passion, aliveness, and action.

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