Thea Sheldon, CPCC
The Prime of Life Coach
for midlife women who want to gain unstoppable momentum on what really matters now...
and for the rest of your life!


There are many ways to get coached.
The options below range from a few minutes of coaching to gain quick insights
to a long-term coaching relationship that supports significant transformation in your life.

I do not enter into a coaching relationship with you until we have talked in-person or on the phone.
Please contact me at to set up a complimentary, no obligation conversation.
Together, we will figure out next steps.

Open the Door   Three 21-minute calls within 14 days

 Get a lick of the ice cream cone with playful, profound coaching inspired by a random pull-of-the-cards; by-pass the yadda-yadda and lean into intuitive knowing—yours and mine; allow the mystery to come alive and find its voice; access your wellsprings of confidence, courage and creativity and walk away with provocative perspectives so you can begin to see with new eyes; includes a reading from the animal cards and an introduction to The 7 Portals to Possibilities, my intuitive approach to coaching body, mind, spirit and more.
   Investment   $65 pre-paid

     The 7 Portals to Possibilities on my desk--waiting for my next client to call in!

 Your Bold Moment        One 70-minute call on 1 day                      

  This is where you present your creative project, idea, concept, product or business vision to receive focused feedback for future development; you will be completely seen and heard during this fruitful coaching session; there is no holding back and no-holds-barred for either you or  me; you will be encouraged to feel your soul reverberate with joy and clarity as you experience unleashed coaching in service to your creativity; pre-work is provided so you are completely prepared to squeeze the juice from this coaching session and reap the rich rewards you’re seeking.
$115 pre-paid   

  2 Bold Moments!           Two 70-minute calls within 14 days         

 One Bold Moment doubled is likely to yield at least triple the benefit; allow your first Bold Moment to inform and craft your second; feel the momentum build moment to moment; deepen your discoveries; gain insights; receive valuable feedback; dissolve fears and take a big gulp as you begin to see your next step and ignite your project with the fires of passion and purpose. 
   Investment   $230 pre-paid

 Prime Your Passion    Six 35-minute calls within 60 days       

 Take time to find your rhythm and prime your creative pump; get into the flow of your passionate purpose; focus on only one project, action or habit you want to shift; move yourself forward with undivided attention as you say “No” to distractions; this is a time to get ‘er done! You are strongly encouraged to spend at least 15 minutes every day in silence—listening, listening, listening—so you stay completely on track in between our calls and open yourself to your highest levels of creativity; calls must be completed within 60 days of purchase.                    
Investment   $350 pre-paid  

 Take a Deep Dive             Seven 70-minute calls within 70 days         

 Give yourself the gift of the time you need to take a breather and get reacquainted with the woman you are now; take a deep breath and dive into 70 days of exploration, creative openings, and intuitive listening while you unbundle old stories, clear the obstacles that keep you from breathing free and easy and begin crafting the story you can stand on now—the life you truly want to live into; each time you come up for air, be prepared to see the world in different and amazing new ways; play with possibilities and gain confidence in the woman you are becoming; put a solid foundation under your transition-transformation and be prepared to leap when it's your time.                                           
   Investment:  $800 pre-paid  (or $300 down and  $255/mo over 2 mos)

 Be a Free Spirit                 Fourteen 70-minutes calls within 12 months

 This option is for you if you want ultimate flexibility to access coaching whenever you most want or need it; you are in charge;  we begin with one call to create the container to guide your intentions; then we meet on your schedule; you use the remaining 910 minutes of coaching in whatever combination suits you—35-minute calls, 70-minute calls, day-long virtual retreats with several short calls during the day or another combination; your sessions are available for one year from purchase date, or use your time in a few weeks or months, it’s up to you; sessions are usually scheduled within the week of request.

   Investment:  $1600  pre-paid (or $400 down and $405/mo over 3 mos)                                                                                                                                

 7 Portals to Power           Twenty-four 70-minute calls within 12 months 

 Become intimately familiar with your process of transformation; discover the unstoppable woman who wants to emerge through you; explore The 7 Portals to Possibilities over the first seven months; receive teachings each month to unveil the gifts of The 7 Portals: Story, Mind, Nature, Body, Creativity, Vision and Spirit-- where you:

  • Lay down the burden of Old Stories and find your new story; the one you will stand on and live into
  • Go Beyond Your Mind and discover how to creatively use your mind as the faithful servant it is
  • Experience nature directly as you discover Patterns, Truths & Inspiration in Nature that inform your growth 
  • Tap your sources of Radiant Health and cellular, intuitive wisdom to find intrinsic comfort  living in your own skin
  • Unleash your creative forces as you learn to play with your unique Creation Process
  • Envision the life you want to live as you See With New Eyes
  • Deepen Your Wellsprings of spirit, faith, compassion, love and connection as you ground yourself in your spirituality

  Prepare for powerful truth-telling and revelation; be ready to claim your True Self, the source of your passion, purpose and power

 You will enter into this one year coaching program only if you are truly seeking transformation. A journal is provided to capture the insights and wisdom that inform your new story. You will be asked to engage in a regular daily meditation/silent practice, as well as regular physical exercise.                                                                                                                    
$2800 pre-paid  (or $400 down and $400/mo over 6 mos)

When you sign on for coaching, I will send you a Coaching Agreement
with all the details of our arrangement.

Services may be paid through PayPal or by cash or check.

If you do not see exactly what you want listed above,
email me at
and we'll design a customized coaching package that meets your needs!
There are very few limits in coaching, so be sure to ask for what you want.

Thank You!

Thea Sheldon, CPCC The Prime of Life Coach for Women

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