Thea Sheldon, CPCC
The Prime of Life Coach
for midlife women who want to gain unstoppable momentum on what really matters now...
and for the rest of your life!

Thea's Story

It is all about the story ~    I am known for my love of telling stories - and I know that telling your story from the depths of your True Self is a juicy place! On this page, I invite you to experience the snippets of my story in little wisps. It’s fun to get a glimpse into what a woman thinks about and does with her time every day.  

I am Thea and I...

~ coach women - vibrantly alive women seeking their truth about what really matters now

 ~ express gratitude every day for my strong, healthy, now cancer-free body

 ~ enjoy my bright, comfy home office ~ it’s my refuge and womb for creative expression

 ~ take a stand for the learning, even when it’s hard, uncomfortable or embarrassing

 ~ enjoy spacious and spirited conversations with my Book Club women 

 ~ blaze and burn with intense joy when a woman discovers her True Self and takes the leap into her unstoppability

 ~ love just a few minutes of reading in bed before lights out

 ~ notice all the cycles of the moon and honor her magic

 ~ love unraveling the old story with a client in preparation for rewriting her new story ~ the story she gets to live up to and  into

 ~ go into the woods as often as possible, lay down on the earth and listen carefully

~ celebrate my 2 adult children who live in other parts of the world ~ when they come home I tingle all over with joy 

 ~ love it when I help a woman align her words and intentions at 100% with her soul’s desire

 ~ try new recipes and thoroughly enjoy everything about food; the latest fav is Hot Sausage Sweet Potato Stew ~ yum

 ~ can grow almost anything and can't wait to get into my vegetable garden 

 ~ can still split wood with amazing accuracy 

 ~ most often see a vision that goes beyond what others can imagine ~ my clients love that about me

 ~ spend way too much time in front of my computer ~ what is up with that! ~ and I use a stand up desk

 ~ practice yoga 5-6 times a week ~ early in the morning ~ at home ~ for an hour ~ I love it!

 ~ lose myself completely when my hubby and I paddle our 19 foot Winona Itasca canoe ~ when I’m on the water, time dissolves 

 ~ believe a woman’s voice must be heard and that the very evolution of the world is depending on each one of us doing our part with no holds barred

 ~ care about health and walk my talk with mindful eating and plenty of exercise

 ~ definitely believe in magic and miracles ~ the Universe surprises continuously

 ~ married the love of my life at age 50 ~ YAY!

 ~ love stepping into the unknown and learning how to navigate the new territory

…... and I know that at 70 years young, this is exactly where I want to be ~ right on the edge of the unknown and having fun helping other women find their voices and fulfill their dreams. Life satisfies.

"Our life story is our constant companion, the litany that guides our every move and thought. So, we need to make our lives a story we can live with, because we live the life our story makes possible." ~ Christina Baldwin

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