Thea has spent a lifetime exploring what it means when an individual’s truth is clearly, unmistakably seen and heard – what it means for her, her family, community and the world. She has helped one woman after another for nearly 20 years to discover the deep joy of choosing what has meaning now as she navigates the unknown territories of life after forty-five, fifty, sixty and beyond.

There are many ways to structure your coaching: from a few minutes of coaching to gain quick insights to a long-term coaching relationship that supports significant transformation in your life – and many options in between!

Please contact me to set up a complimentary, no obligation coaching conversation.

This is really the only way we’ll find out if I’m the right coach for you–and if you’re the right client for me. My style of coaching is Co-Active. We enter on a level playing field and together, we will figure out next steps!

The 7 Portals to Possibility card deck is an amazing tool we use in our coaching to help you gain information that’s hidden under the surface of your awareness. Intuitively we enter the Portals that are your preferred pathways to your essential true self. From that place you access information that makes you unstoppable…no kidding.